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So it’s been a bit quiet on the blog lately. But it’s been everything but quiet in the Little Scandinavian household! We’ve been wanting a more spacious home for a long time. We’ve also been longing for a private garden with some tomato plants and herbs, a small secluded free space for the girls and us, to enjoy easy access to fresh air and hopefully some sunshine, al fresco dining and just pottering around. Anyways, this weekend we’ve found our new dream home. It’s a exactly what we wanted, so from a quiet life last week to a hectic life this week with the moving date fast approaching in end of July. I do hope that I get to enjoy the planning and organizing of it all. I’ll try to share some of my experiences here on the blog with you. And in between packing I’ll make sure to dream away on Pinterest, furnishing our new home in all sorts of ways. There is one double bedroom and a single bedroom for the girls. It would be lovely to have your advice on what room suits the needs of a 7 year old and a 10 year old the best, and how to make the most out of the space in the single bedroom. If you have any experiences to share please leave a comment below as well. I’ll be checking in on your comments, on my coffee break(s).
Oh and we are not leaving the city, just heading a stone throw, in the central direction of leafy London.

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Wish you a lovely Tuesday -from the land of boxes.

9 thoughts on “Little Scandinavian on the move

  1. Tusen takk for det! Det hadde vært veldig koselig med nytt London treff også. 🙂 Bx

  2. Så spennende Bianca- lykke til med flytting og ikke minst dekorering av nytt hjem! så morsomt at dere endelig fant drømmehuset – håper jeg en vakker dag kan treffe deg i London igjen 🙂 god sommer og kos deg med de små tingene innimellom!!

  3. Kjære Gunn. Tusen takk for oppmuntrende melding! Ja, bloggmodus er det alltid, men det spørs litt med tid fremover. Og så kan det hende det blir litt mer interiør enn vanlig -nå når 2 barnerom skal innredes! 🙂

    Ønsker deg en deilig sommer også!

    Klem Bianca x

  4. Lykke til med flytingen og gleder meg til du er tilbake i full bloggmodus igjen.

    Ha en herlig sommer!

    : ) fra Gunn

  5. It really is an emotional time. Leaving behind some lovely years in our current home where we have watched the girls grow up and of course a lot of other fond memories too. But I really do feel this is the beginning of a new adventure.
    I’m just so pleased we finally managed to find a place we wanted within our budget. Not an easy task in London…

    Thank you so much for your wishes and support -I most certainly will be needing it! Bianca x

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