Street art and urban living in London

We truly love the urban and diverse life of London, everything from the majestic River Thames and towering modern buildings like the Shard to more edgy small communities around the city. We enjoy meeting a variety of people from different social and ethnic backgrounds and we indulge in the variety of several up and coming markets and what small independent shops has on offer, everything from handmade vintage clothes and design to high end fashion.

© Little A in Brick Lane, shoreditch

We are also quite stunned by how green London is, everything from the endless leafy parks to small vegetable gardens in a backyard in the middle of the city centre. There is young foodie people blowing the dust of old bread ovens, they have beekeeping and honey production on roof tops and smoke salmon in their courtyard. And we are especially fond of initiatives to improve our city surroundings, making it more human by wonderful creative ideas such as guerrilla gardening and trendy street art. Although some street artist such as Banksy and Bambi are nowaydays more or less regarded as fine art with a considerable price tag at the finest auction houses.
Wanted to show you a piece of street art in London that inspired me lately. It’s just off Cross Street in Islington, by Bambi. It reminded me about a photo of a handmade retro dress from Denmark. It’s clearly from different eras, but don’t you agree there is certain similarities?

© 1: Street Art by Bambi in Islington London Photo by Little Scandinavian. 2. Retro Danish dress by Groovybaby and Mama

5 thoughts on “Street art and urban living in London

  1. I love Bambi I Wish I had one Bambis a great street artist go Bambi! Think Banksys lost his golden touch

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