Out of office {on holiday}

So we’ve escaped the rain and have landed swiftly on our feet in Alba Cuneo in Italy. A charming city in the heart of Piedemont, big enough to offer exciting shopping and bustling restaurants and at the same time small enough to offer the unique tranqullity and be charmingly inviting in such a friendly manner only Italians know how to.

@ Little Scandinavian

On sunny days there will be limited updates on Little Scandinavian – out of office, busy tasting wine, hanging out by the pool and having some superb “gelato” with my girls.
Hope you’ve been enjoying the weekend too! Any updates from the Jubilee will be greatly appreciated! Ciao, ciao!

6 thoughts on “Out of office {on holiday}

  1. Oh, thank you for the tip! Been to Barbaresco, Nebiolo, Neive etc so far. Will try to go to Barolo tomorrow! x

  2. Hei, 
    I have just been there in a company trip. The short trip to Barolo is incredible. The Marchesi de Barolo offers a tour of their wine cellar. It should be nice for the kids as well, there are huge – and very old – barrels and it is quite short and interesting. 

    Uh. And the truffles. 


  3. Kos dere masse masse vennen!
    Stor klem fra gjengen i Son som koser seg i ny leilighet ved stranden 😉

  4. Behöver ni tips så hör av er!! En bit utanför Alba har vi ätit världens bästa lunch på restaurangen jag lovat mig själv att återvända för min sista måltid! Njut av Italien!

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