Vuarnet Kids Sunglasses by Finger in the Nose

Finger in the Nose and Vuarnet, iconic brand of sunglasses, merge and share values for a new collection of sunglasses combining style, authenticity of materials, quality manufacturing and perfect sun protection.

Cateye and Surfer, two models made in France and now available in two sizes suitable for children’s faces from 4 to 12 years old.
The Cateye is the model worn by legendary Jean Vuarnet in 1960 when he won the gold medal in down-hill skiing in Squaw Valley, United States. Its shape, as the name implies, is actually based on the eyes of a cat, and gives it a very 60’s feel. The Skylinx « mirror effect » make it an icon of the 80’s.

The Surfer became famous in 1984, when Vuarnet became the official sponsor of the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. This was a real boost for the brand. Under the influence of the greatest surfers in the world, its rectangular shape and sharp design conquered the whole American 80’s Surf Culture. These two models, reworked in acetate white, black, tortoiseshell and amber, are now part of a genuine « Rock » attitude, contemporary like Finger in the Nose.

Acetate provide high resistance over time ans the ultra flexible hinges reduce the risk of breakage.
Made in France with the utmost care, these high quality sunglasses are available in varying unbreakable glass : brown, grey and skylinx, which provide perfect sun protection in sunny weather. Price from 114 €, available in size 1 (4-8 years old) and size 2 (8-12 years old).

This is what we’ve been looking for, ever after my Little B picked up a pair of sunglasses at a London street market -and I borrowed them and realised not only that you couldn’t see through them but also that I suspected they actually can harm your eyesight. So quality sunglasses for the kids as well from now on!

2 thoughts on “Vuarnet Kids Sunglasses by Finger in the Nose

  1. They are lovely, although slightly price, so perhaps more suitable for older children that do take well care of their belongings. Not sure if I would have trusted a young child whit those.
    But so stylish! Little B need to try a pair on if we can get hold of it!

    Bianca x

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