The most trendy cookbook of today, Frøken Jensen Kogebog d. 1901

So excited about the ScandinavianDad’s find at the Summer Fair at the Danish Church in London yesterday; A traditional Danish cookbook, by Frk E. Mertz Nielsen, Frk Joh. Rasmussen and Chef C. F. Hansen. The tiny book contains everything from starters to dessert and also a guide on seasonal products.

It’s in fact very similar to the more famous Frk. Jensens Cookbook. Kristine Marie Jensen worked as a housekeeper and cook during the 19th century in Denmark. During her career she noted down and collected all her recipes and experiences as a cook and a housekeeper, which was in 1901 publsihed as “Frøken Jensens Kogebog”. The cookbook was published in 27 editions before she died in 1923 and more than a million copies has been sold since. It’s in fact one of the the best selling Danish cookbooks to this day.
Now available on your iPhone! Get 200 free recipes from the original “Frøken Jensen Kogebog” dated back to 1901. This is traditional Nordic recipes with a international influence, the most delicious and nutritious family meals cooked from scratch with seasonal locally sourced products. More than a hundred years later it’s arguably once again become the most trendy cooking style. Search by the following categories; Breakfast and Brunch, Starters, Nibbles and Eggs, Soups, Meat, Cakes etc. Recipes you like can then be added to favourites. From what we know the app is only available in Danish, for now.

Perhaps you know of similar historical important traditional cookbook authors from Britian? Try searching to see if they’ve been published as a smart phone app. If not, they really should! Time to dig out those brilliant recipes and make some proper food!

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  1. To whom interest.

    I have a original froken Jensens kogebog dated from 1901….it is in great conditions… anybody interested in buying the book.?

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