MillaMia, Scandinavian knitting pattern and yarn, in the UK

MillaMia believes you can combine a love of knitting with a love of Scandinavian modern contemporary design and quality. The patterns are inspired by the latest fashion trends, colours are adapted seasonally and the yarn is made from the finest quality Merino wool. Founded in 2009, by two ladies sharing their passion for fashion and knitting, MillaMia is set to provide knitting pattern and yarn to provide our children with the finest of handmade. By mum.

© Photographer Emma Norén for MillaMia
Little Scandinavian met the London based Swedish fashion photographer Emma Norén at a an event last night. Emma was the one telling us about MillaMia and we just had to check it out right away. But do have a look at more of Emma’s photos, on her website There are some truly amazing shots by this very talented photographer you simply must see!

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