From Bleach to Beach Blonde

I discovered Kell Skött Haircare through Twitter, a Notting Hill based hair salon, with Scandinavian connections. Run by the charming husband and wife team Jacqueline and Kell. Kell originally trained as a hairdresser with Scandinavia’s leading group of salons in Copenhagen, Denmark. He moved to London in 1989 and opened Kell Skött Haircare in December 2002. Recently Voted Best Wella Salon in the UK by I sort of knew I would be in good hands.

Located in the heart of the fashionable area of Notting Hill, the Lambton Place branch is Scandinavian styled, bright and effortless chic. The people working there make you feel welcome, and although the posh surroundings, the friendly and calm atmosphere in the salon ensures you don’t end up feeling intimidated (like you may feel in similar places). With more than 10 years of experience as a hairdresser, Raul Dominguez made me feel not only safe but also excited about being there.

All the finest hair products in the world can not help out when sun and salt water have taken it’s toll. After too many hours in the sun without wearing a scarf (I mean, who’s comfortable wearing a scarf all the time?!?) my golden locks had turned into bleach white, lifeless and dull mane with not-so-charming dark roots. But finding a good hairdresser is really difficult. I had a lovely hairdresser in Oslo, but after moving to the UK in 2007 I sort never felt I found one equally good. I want highlights, but with a natural result and a healthy finish. Not the easiest customer to please…

Whilst having a lovely chat, being treated to coffee and Jacqueline’s homemade brownies, petting the four legged team member and host Blue ( -oh and worth mentioning; This is a dog friendly hair salon. You can bring your beloved pet or get hold of some Max & Blue dog shampoo), having one of the best hair massages I’ve ever had by Lukasz Podgajny (I could literary feel the blood circulation starting up again), getting Scandinavian drink recipes and bicycle travel recommendations from the owner Kell (yes there is a true family feel to this place) Raul finished of my hair with a thoroughly blow dry leaving my hair looking all natural, healthy and glamorous. Here’s the result:

I was indeed very happy with the result. And Raul said he thought beauty comes from within. He thinks you need confidence in order to look beautiful. By creating a beautiful hairstyle the customer would feel more confident and then again become more beautiful.
Well, regardless -I left Kell Skött Haircare this afternoon, after a few hours of pampering -feeling a lot more beautiful. Next time I’ll bring my girls as well, as children are most welcome at Kell Skött and also they do have very family friendly prices, with huge discounts for children under 12 years. See the full price list here. Overall all their services are reasonably priced taken the location into consideration. And what do they say… because I’m worth it!

Kell Skött Haircare Lambton Place, 2-4 Lambton Place, London W11 2SH
Email: Phone: 020 7229 1671

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