The Jumpsuit anno 2012

We are happy to announce that the jumpsuit, or playsuit if you like, is back in stores! With a variety of styles, colours and patterns your darling daughter is sure to find her favourite for the summer! See items in this set via Polyvore.

© Polyvore Clip Art by Little Scandinavian

In this set, from left: Finger In The Nose Parrot Print Jumpsuit £72 – | My Cinnamon Girl Mimi Jumpsuit £10 – | Katvig Navy and grey stripe Jumpsuit £25.90 – | Katvig violet and purple organic cotton Jumpsuit £27.50 – | Mini Rodini Pineapple Jumpsuit £40 – | Finger In The Nose Denim Playsuit £72 – | Mini-A-Ture Sandshell flower print Lua jumpsuit £31.99 – Nordic Kids | Lille Barn Ditzy Blue Jumpsuit £25 – | How to kiss a Frog Jumpsuit “Sandy” rose €50 – | Christina Rohde CHF 74.00 –

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