Exclusive launch of new children’s department; Little Liberty

Little Liberty online has arrived! Our unrivalled range of designer childrenswear is now available in an exclusive preview for online shoppers, with the new department opening in store this Thursday 23rd February on the third floor. Look our for collections from the likes of Barbour, Little Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Paul Smith and many more, -even some favourite Scandinavian brands like Acne Miniature, all in sizes 0-8 years. Go online at liberty.co.uk

4 thoughts on “Exclusive launch of new children’s department; Little Liberty

  1. Oh how wonderful, but as I’m in New Zealand I don’t have a shiny Liberty card so I’m safe!!!
    I’ve just bought a GORJUS little liberty lawn fabric dress and panties for my newest French granddaughter Jessie – I’ll post about it later in the week.
    Thank you for this very tempting post!
    Shane in New Zealand

  2. I have my shiny silver Liberty card ready too -and very curious to see what one of my favourite department stores have created for us! x

  3. I am a big Liberty fan, but nothing good can come out of this news!!! *hides Liberty card away* Thanks for letting us know, though…I might just swing by the 3rd floor next time…or maybe I shouldn’t

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