DreamWorks to Make Stars of Danish Troll Dolls

On my trip to Copenhagen recently I had the pleasure to bump into an old acquaintance of mine, the Good Luck Dam Troll.

I spotted a great selection of Trolls, all of them supposed to bring good luck to the owner, in a store and picked up two for the girls.
I used to have a few when growing up and always loved theses small creatures, originally created in the 30’s by a poor Danish fisherman and woodcutter Thomas Dam, when he carved a doll based on Scandinavian trolls for his daughter Lajla. It soon became popular and the wood was replaced with rubber and then vinyl, like how it is today. And the good news is that the Trolls are still from the same family owned business in Denmark, now run by the second generation.

And soon we’ll be seeing the Good Luck Trolls, with their crazy colourful hair, coming to the big screen via DreamWorks Animation, with their very own film!
It won’t be the dolls’ first movie appearance though as they also show up in the opening sequence of Toy Story 3.

We’ll be doing some exploring in London today as Mr Troll is excited to see his new city. Follow our adventures on Twitter!

One thought on “DreamWorks to Make Stars of Danish Troll Dolls

  1. Sånne hadde vi som barn også. Lykketroll! Søsteren min som var litt mer fingernem lagde filtklær til sine.

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