Manolo Blahnik and Angulus

The Danish shoe brand Angulus founded in 1904 has more than 100 years of experience and are known for high quality leather shoes with a comfortable fit for the baby taking it’s very fist steps and all the way up to adult sizes.

Did you know that Angulus has brought in a experienced design talent to step into the new century of Angulus shoes?

We met with Angulus at CPH kids a few weeks ago and they introduced us to their new designer, Marianne Britt Jorgensen, a rather interesting and lovely designer; Like when I picked up my Normann Copenhagen cardholder she said excitingly: I made that!
She seemed to be focused on creating something new and innovative still with a fondness and a humble approach of the heritage of the danish family company, she felt the importance to be inspired by the more than 100 year old gold mine of a shoe archive at Angulus. We wish we could dip into that archive too!
Marianne Britt has studied at the Royal College of Art and Design in London and she’s worked for several larger brands as a design consultant. She’s also known for being photographed for the fashion magazine Harpers & Queen with the master Manolo Blahnik, after being singled out as a talent he believed in. Well done, Angulus for hiring such a promising designer!

Find out more about the design talent’s experience, interests and passions at We recommend following her journey at And hopefully we’ll meet again on our next visit to the Fashion Capital.

And perhaps we’ll see Angulus teaming up with Blahnik in the future? Exciting times ahead for little fashionistas!
Meanwhile we are very much enjoying the spring and summer news for 2012 by Angulus, in stores now.

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