Happy Valentine, dear Urban Jungle

Grand, historical, dynamic, eclectic, buzzing, modern, welcoming and utterly intriguing. After nearly 4 years, living in London with kids, I simply have to admit I absolutely adore this Urban Jungle of creativeness and madness where there’s room for individuals, where everyone mind their own business but still sincerely care.

Yes I’m in love! Of course I do miss the Nordic nature, but hey! No one’s perfect, right?! Happy Valentine!

4 thoughts on “Happy Valentine, dear Urban Jungle

  1. And Happy Valentine to you dear Chantale! You are the most supportive and lovely girl -and a very talented designer! Hope you’ll be spoiled with kisses and hugs today! x

  2. That is an incredible photo. Love that knarly tree! Happy Valentine’s day to you! Hope it’s full of hugs and chocolate hearts. : )

  3. Happy Valentine, Klaudia! I know it’s a slightly odd picture but I love the fairytale tree next the urban building. Hope there will be lots of love for you today! Best x

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