What’s in season, February

Why eat seasonal food? Seasonal food is fresher and so tends to be tastier and more nutritious and it’s a lot more affordable. By eating whats in season in the UK you help reduce the energy needed to grow and transport the food we eat and you help support the local economy. What’s in season, for February;

Fruit and vegetables
Cabbage, Cavolo nero and curly kale, Endive, Forced rhubarb, Jerusalem artichokes, Leeks, Parsnips, Purple sprouting broccoli and Swede.

Fish and game
Haddock, Mussels, Guinea fowl, Rabbit and Venison.

Swede is a root vegetable which is a cross between a cabbage and a turnip, thought to have originated from Scandinavia and introduced to England around the end of the 18th century. Swede is a good source of fibre, vitamins A, C and folic acid.
How to cook: Peel and chop as required. Steam or boil diced swede and serve mashed on its own or with potato and carrots for extra colour; roasting swede concentrates its delicious sweet flavour – toss in a little oil, season and roast for around 30 mins. Add swede to potatoes and mash with butter for a tasty topping for Shepherds, Cottage or fish pie, or like we do in Scandinavia together with “Finnbiff” (Reindeer Stew).
Swede loves: Butter, black pepper, parmesan, other roots such as carrots and parsnips
Source: loveyourgreens.co.uk

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