Keeping Warm in Snowy London

Little A is wearing a thermal set from Isbjorn of Sweden underneath her School uniform today. The set is made of SportWool, which is a mix of wool and polyester with a small adding of elastan. The material keeps the child warm when it is cold and effectively transports moist from the skin and out of the garment. So 3 layers today; thermals, school uniform and padded coat. The thermal set is available in red or green in size 86/92, 98/104, 110/116, 122/128 and 134/140 cl. Think Huggle in London might have a few sets still in store.

When arriving at school they all line up before walking in. Today I followed the class to give Little A her lunchbag. I heard lots of giggling as the class had turned the corner and curiously went after to see what was going on. Then realising the teacher pretending it was still snowing by brushing down snow onto the kids when they entered the building. All the kids were laughing with excitement. Wish I was 7 year again and having a teacher like that!

Here’s a few snap shots (iPhone/Instagram) en route to school this am. Happy Frosty Friday -and stay warm!

3 thoughts on “Keeping Warm in Snowy London

  1. Wow!! This is London?? Wish I were 7 again too.. I’d settle on being 28 again but hey, a number’s a number right? lol. The baselayer top and pant look great.

  2. All the snow just makes us all so excited! Smiley faces everywhere, strangers saying “Good morning”, girls laughing…

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