World of Work Day, Blogging in the Classroom

This morning I attended a World of Work Day at the local primary school in London. The day was attended by a number of working parents and members of the local community with the aim to widen children’s horizons and raise their aspirations as to what career they might follow when they leave school.
I was there as a professional blogger, sharing how it all started and the experiences I’ve had so far, covering everything from the more technological aspect to general chat about social media. I told them to focus on literacy in school and to work hard on improving their storytelling. They all seemed to be quite interested.
It was a real treat to be able to attend and to get to meet some lovely young storytellers and budding professional bloggers!

The majority of Y1 and Y2 knew perfectly well what internet and online meant, already using it for school work. Several of the Y5 and Y6 even had their own blog featuring everything from fashion to video games and they were showing a brilliant understanding of social media and the value of building readership and content in order to become a professional blogger.
I wouldn’t mind going in again, perhaps next time do a workshop with Y5 and Y6 on how to set up and develop a blog. I’ve read that researchers has found that blogging significantly improved the children’s writing abilities, becoming one of the most important literacy skills of the 21st century. Exciting times ahead!

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  1. That’s so cool, Bianca! My middle son (first year) has a blog (severely neglected) that he puts writing on.
    Weirdly enough, an older kid came up to him at school last night and said: ‘I read your mum’s blog.’

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