Boob -every woman’s right to nurse in comfort and in style

The Swedish brand Boob is arguable the number 1 maternity and nursing wear in Scandinavia. Founded in 1999 by Mia Seipel that originally got the idea after seeing her sister nurse outdoors in discomfort

When we had Little B back in 2001 it was a blessing to discover Boob. The high quality nursing tops in heavy cotton wasn’t only stretchy and supportive but looked good too. So more than 10 years on and we thought it was about time to spread the word. Today their range includes maternity and nursing wear in cotton and wool, matching mum and baby tops, night and sleep wear, underwear and a new baby wear collection in organic cotton.
Available online from or go the the Boob store locator to find your nearest retailer.

Boob Design will show their collection at Playtime Paris in January.

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One thought on “Boob -every woman’s right to nurse in comfort and in style

  1. The clothing looks comfy and great looking enough even if you’re not breast-feeding! I def wish I had more access on great looking clothes like this way back when.

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