How to keep feet warm? Breathable Angulus Winter Boots.

As soon as the temperature drops below 0 degrees non breathable wellies should be left on the shoe rack. Did you know that children’s feet perspire, the equivalent of 2-3 tablespoons of water on a winter day? Danish footwear specialist Angulus offer the ultimate in Scandinavian style and comfort. The Angulus TEX range in particular keeps feet warm and dry in cold weather, with the TEX membrane designed with micro-size pores to allow perspiration from the foot to escape from the inside of the boot while at the same time preventing water from entering the boot from the outside. Angulus TEX boots is made of TEX membrane and leather, with wool lining, available in European sizes 20-34. Childrensalon have a few models available, prices from £91.

Did you know? Wearing cotton socks during winter weather have the potential to make the feet colder than if you wore no sock at all! Wearing cotton socks in winter weather is a recipe for frostbitten toes because cotton socks have little insulation value and because they absorb and then hold moisture, making the feet not only wet but also cold.
We recommend ski socks or wool socks to keep tiny feet warm and comfortable. A large amount of heat leaves the body through the feet so it’s really important to keep them warm in winter time (below 0 degrees). This goes for tights as well. Look for wool tights to wear under the school uniform on the coldest days.

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