Children’s fashion leading the way; Illustrated ‘todays outfit’

The children’s fashion industry are known for their playful and innovative approach in regards to both the design and business development. Online store Latte Mama have taken the comonly known concept with ‘today’s outfit’ and ‘this weeks outfit’ to the next level by hiring an illustrator to showcase the clothes.

I remember Little A bringing her story book at the age of 1 1/2 to the hairdresser (for the very first haircut of baby hair) to show the stylist the exact hairstyle she wanted. Luckily the hairdresser took it seriously, nodded and said; Cinderella style it is!

We think that the concept of using illustrations rather than images makes sense to children. It’s less distant. It’s more about being imaginative and playful something that we believe is a natural part of us. New illustration of a ‘this weeks outfit’ to be published every Thursday. And until the following Wednesday it’s 15% off on each item from the outfit.

This weeks outfit at Latte Mama, with 20% off until Wednesday.

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