Visit Carlas Café for a deliberating relaxed feeling

Blog of the week: Carlas Café
About: The Danish blog ‘Carla’s Café’ is named after a dedicated part of the family home where Carla age 3 is the sole proprietor. The family consists of mum, dad and Carla and it’s mum Mette who blogs. The blog have a lot of healthy family food inspiration, mostly Scandinavian children’s fashion and design, some interior and on top of that sleek Scandinavian women’s style inspiration too. It all comes together with Mette’s real life photo’s throughout the blog. It’s in Danish but Mette is considering writing in English to for the future.

Why we like: Mette and I have more in common than being ScandinavianMums -we must be kindred spirits! With our passion for sustainable children’s fashion and design, sourdough bread and healthy eating (with the latte as a daily naughty necessity), contemporary and functional design and mum’s style last but not least! We think Carlas Café is a blog that promotes a modern, natural, Scandinavian family lifestyle in a personal, honest and utterly lovely way -leaving you with a deliberating relaxed feeling.

Photos: ©Carlas Café with permission

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