Today’s batch of Sourdough Bread

Baking your own bread is a bit more work than picking one up from your local bakery. But baking and eating homemade bread is not only rewarding in terms of taste but the baking process in itself is also very recreational. Below is today’s sourdough bread batch baked by theScandinavianDad. Well what’s left of it after the girls had made their packed lunch that is.
Recipe on our all natural Sourdough Bread can be found here. Do you bake your own bread?

© Little Scandinavian

3 thoughts on “Today’s batch of Sourdough Bread

  1. Hello, this looks fabulous and I’d lobe to have a go! Could you say a bit more re the starter? I saw the recipe with apples, but not sure how to use the result and what ‘refreshed’ means. Thanks very much!

  2. Beautiful bread! in ou house it’s the same the French dad bake his bread and looks after his starter with love…kiss

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