The Swedish Dad, in photos

For the first time ever there is a photo book all about the heartwarming relations between dads and their children, in this instance Swedish Dads! Experience the life of a dad in a country where men are not trapped in role as the provider, but can also with 480 days shared paid parental leave, have the opportunity to be the carer for their own children.
This photo book ‘The Swedish Dad’ will give you a glimpse into 21 Swedish Dads every day life.

© Photo by Tobias Bill, for The Swedish Dad

The team behind the book is Tobias Bill, a dedicated photographer, cyclist and bread baker together with the professor Johanna and the teacher and novelist Henrik (currently on maternity leave!). The book will be released in 2012, in English, Japanese and German. Want to find out more? Follow the Swedish dad on Facebook, on Twitter or on their site

5 thoughts on “The Swedish Dad, in photos

  1. Hey, what a great post! I love this type of reportage photography that chronicles people’s domestic lives and relationships. It’s reminded me of a photo book I loved when I was a kid, Children of the World I think it was called. I’ll have to dig that out next time I vist my mum. Thanks for the tip!

  2. Yes, Scandinavian dad’s are great at taking care of their kids. They are very caring and share the responsibilities in the home as well as Scandinavian women share the responsibility of providing for the household. Men and women are very equal there and it is an amazing place to grow up or raise a family. :o)

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