Scandinavian Advent Calendars 2011

With the 1st of December less than a month away it’s about time to start planning the Advent Calendar of 2011. Especially if you are, like me, aiming for 24 gifts and treats! Gift guide to follow within the next couple of days…
I’ve in the past done 24×2, but when I grew up with 3 siblings we all shared one calendar. I’d get to open the surprise every 4th day. I never thought of it as an issue. We’ll might do the same for our girls this year. It will not only teach them to share but save me from getting an additional 24 items.
Another idea is to buy the Lego Advent Calendar, unpack and wrap in all the 24 small presents, perhaps together with a little sweet treat on the Saturdays, and hang it up as a decorative garland. In that way you’ve done it all in one go and you’ve ensured quality presents for only £17.99
Anyway, here’s Little Scandinavian Advent Calendar Guide for 2011 We do hope this guide will be of inspiration!

Ikea YRSNÖ Advent Calendar
Ikea is of course huge in Scandinavia and it’s for many the number one destination when purchasing not only Christmas decoration and Christmas essential gift wrapping but also for napkins, candles and other kitchen essentials for Christmas in addition to ready made Scandinavian Christmas cookies.
Check out the Ikea Christmas store.
The YRSNÖ Advent calendar featuring father Christmas designed by Gunilla Byström for Ikea. This Advent Calendar in cardboard has 24 numbered drawers that you can fill with small presents.
Height: 45 cm. Unfortunately this product is not available to buy online. Check availability at your local store.


Petite Legarth Advent Calendar
To ensure the uniqueness of design, the Danish designer Sofie Legarth has only made a few pieces of each style. See the full range of Christmas decorations from Petite Legarth here.
This gorgeous handmade quilt advent calendar from Petite Legarth is made with Liberty fabrics.
Santa on his way during the night in a air balloon is such a lovely motif, an advent calendar you’ll be exited to put up on the wall every December. And if you manage to part with it, as the quality is so good, maybe some day you can pass it on to future generations.
The Advent Calendar measures 46x63cm with hooks for 24 advent calendar gifts or treats.

650DKK (£75) at

Maileg Garland Advent Calendar
This is actually a Advent Calendar that would be fairly easy to make yourself. In that way you’ll get the exact dimensions of the small cotton bags that you want and you’ll also get a true treasure that can be handed down to future generations when the time comes.
But if you are like me, useless with the sewing machine or you simply can’t find the time, this charming Scandinavian style Garland Advent Calendar from Maileg will be just perfect!
24 cotton Christmas socks and socks, all ready to be filled with 24 small gift and treats. When you start to receive Christmas cards, you can simply hang them up on this garland too.

649DKK (£75)

Maileg Pixie Advent Calendar
Gorgeous Maileg pixie in red advent dress or grey dungarees, numbered for each day of advent with pockets big enough for small treats or gifts. The pixies have a row of buttons all the way down the front. Size: 150cm tall.
We also recommend checking out the various of festive and fun Advent Calendars on
And if you are into the Pixies for Christmas, check out

Price per Pixie Advent Calendar £66 at

Maileg Chocolate Advent Calendar
Divine Milk Chocolate Advent Calendar from Danish design company Maileg for 2011, filled with delicious Swiss quality chocolate from Lindt.
Scandinavian style advent calendar with fun and festive illustrations, Santa on his sledge with reindeer, Santa skiing, sledging, dancing and decorating the big Christmas Tree wonderfully illustrated by Dorthe Mailils.

60DKK (£7) at

For even more ideas, see the Scandinavian Advent Calendars 2010

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  1. I love the white moose with brown wrapped packages as an advent calendar! Are there directions anywhere to make it? Or can it be purchased anywhere? Thanks!

  2. I’m now sending me 10 year old off to sewing classes -better start them early when it’s still hope… 😉

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