It’s a boy!

No, it’s not me this time. It’s my dear Norwegian friend and blogger Heidi. Heidi lives in Copenhagen with her husband Mr C and their cat, Leia. She’s blogging on I’m with Leia -a wonderful and a creative and handmade oases -now soon to venture into handmade and lovely stuff for your baby as she gave birth to a little baby boy this morning.
We’re so excited on her behalf and we think all you readers would love her modern retro approach to motherhood and nesting.
As a little welcome to the world we would like to give our virtual and inspirational best wishes.

First out, our favourite knitted quirky toys from the Copenhagen based design team LuckyBoySunday. This is the perfect gift to the newborn little baby; so soft to cuddle and with such high quality it will last like forever -and as a bonus it will be a stylish accessories to any family home.

© LuckyBoySunday by Little Scandinavian

Next up is Holly’s, born in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002 when Britt Bonnesen and Camilla Anderson decided to give the 70s four-leaf clover new life. It’s retro in the utterly most sweet way. This is essentials for your baby and child -growing up feeling comfortable and happy. A bodysuit is a must have for babies, choose your favourite clover print from a range of colours.

© Holly’s

We know that Heidi is a wiz with her hands and that she probably would make a pair of our next item up, over a cup of tea. But for us that are not so brilliant with our knitting pins there are still a way to provide our darling babies with these immensely sweet knitted baby booties in 100% alpaca. Esencia, again a Danish brand, and one of our favourite not only for their comfortable and lovely design but also for their innovative thinking on how to make itch free wool garments for children.

© Esencia

Denmark is known for being trend setters -also within kids fashion and design. There are some truly great stylists and illustrators around too. We love and for inspiration and pure happiness.
And shopping! We must admit being slightly jealous. As a new mum Heidi gets to stroll the streets of Copenhagen with her newborn son and daily if she wants visit a range of lovely shops. But as many would know, time with little ones can be stressful. For those days where you just want to cuddle up in the sofa with a cup of tea whilst the baby sleeps, why not visit one of our favourite online stores, which is well worth a visit for anyone with an interest into gorgeous children’s clothes and accessories.

We wish Heidi and Mr C all the best and we’ll be very excited to follow you in your upcoming journey into family life with your very own newborn Little Scandinavian.

Lots of love
theScandinavianMum at Little Scandinavian

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