Walking to school

I feel so privileged, as I can walk through woodlands with my two daughters to School every morning, in the middle of London.
And, today, sun rays met with the wet grass, the smell of green forest and the cool air surrounded us whilst the birds was singing in the trees whilst a duck family floated sleepy over the pond. And then, after having passed one road, the adventure trail ends by the sound of the School bell, calling all the children in for another new day. Do you do the school run too?

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6 thoughts on “Walking to school

  1. Wow! What a gorgeous place. This is London?? How lovely. And yes, you are lucky you can walk.. We can as well but we just don’t have the time! We’re always running late. : ) Usually my fault too!

  2. Nina: Tack! Tatt med iPhonen mens vi gikk. Det var helt herlig lys! Håper alt er bra med deg! x

    Carli: Well, thank you! What a lovely memory! Sounds like you had such a lovely time together -and I must say! Nothing is better than explore, learn and live together with your children! As we one day need to let them go… Thanks for sharing your lovely memory! x

    Bekka: It is incredible! We are truly blessed. I love the walk to school, it gives us all such a great start of the day.

    Deb: So no need for you to go to the gym then? Lovely to be able to eat a proper lunch with your children though!

  3. I enjoyed this post very much. It brought back a flood of memories from raising our sons. We home schooled are two sons from age 7 to 16 yrs. We began our day with wandering around doing small backyard farming chores. Then we’d talk a walk up a steep twisting trail to an old railbed. Rattlesnakes, cougars, wolves, deer, birds and bears lived in the surrounding wilderness. We used to ground ourselves with informative discussions along the way of interesting beetles or butterflies. Collections of rocks always came home with us.

    Then we’d begin our book work of school and all would go fairly smooth each day. What a delightful time I had as the teacher! Our sons went on to become lovely human beings who care and are active in their communities. Thanks for the memory stimulant!

  4. Wow, that is beautiful. Who would’ve though you could do that in London! As kids, we had a similar walk to school but it was in rural Somerset. Must be a lovely start to the day for you and your girls. x

  5. How wonderful! Who would have thought you were in London?
    I do the school run, four times a day in fact. Savannah and Miles come home for lunch, so we all get plenty of exercise.

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