Itch free silk and merino wool children’s underwear by Janus

The Norwegian company Janus has produced wool garments since 1895 and are mostly known for their itch free wool underwear. Here’s little A, Our very own Easter Bunny, wearing her pink princess wool top with laces. Due to demand and increased popularity they’ve now launched children’s wear as well. As the temperature drops in the UK it was a warming news that Janus wool clothing for children is available in the UK. Here are a few warming news; Little Scandinavian’s favourite picks for the autumn winter season.

The non-itchy temperature regulating Tipsy Baby Wool Dress is made from a combination of wool and silk, making it soft and comfortable. This is a highly practical garment, being a combination of a long sleeved baby body and a gorgeous girls dress at the same time -with buttons at the crotch for easy changing. The design takes inspiration from older Janus design traditions – the hen print. Wear it with wool tights for a warm, snug and beautiful outfit. Purple 3 – 24 months £26.

Then you have the The Tipsy baby long sleeved body with the same outstanding features as the Tipsy Dress. It warms and protects your baby’s body in chilly weather, as well as controlling temperature and providing comfort. Wear it with tights and a skirt or trousers. The body is highly practical with two buttons at the crotch for easy changing. Available in brown or purple, Purple or brown 3-24 months £18.50

The combination of the warmth and comfort of merino wool with gorgeous lace has made the Wool Lace collection so popular. The temperature regulating top will feel soft and comfortable against your child’s skin. 2-5 years £17.50

The temperature regulating Non Slip Baby Wool tights are made from merino wool, soft and cosy for your baby. The practical non slip feature will support your child’s first attempts to crawl and the also make his very first steps a bit more safe. Blue, pink or lavender. 3 – 36 months £9. A simply must-have!

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  1. Hi, do you know if there is a store in Copenhagen that sells Janus wool clothing ??? I really want to buy some for my daughter and would be really happy if somebody could tell me were I could find it 🙂

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