Experience life at a traditional Norwegian Summer Mountain Farm

Treat your kids to a day up at the Seter, a Norwegian Mountain farm type that farmers in the olden days used to take their animals every summer in order to find food and allow the animals to move more freely. The high mountain pasture that their milk cows graze on, gives the milk a wonderful taste and quality, so they can make tasty rømme (sour cream) and cheese. From the cream they make mountain butter and rømmegraut (sour cream porridge). This old tradition has lately become popular again as the demand for local and seasonal fresh food are on the rise.
Various of seters have also opened up for tourist offering everything from farm shop to food and accommodation. They also allow people to join in on the active daily activities.

Our girls will be visiting a Seter this summer. The day will include…
10:00am The children will be collected in a small Gråtass tractor called Råtass and brought up to the “Seter”
10:20am Feed the animals. collect eggs.
10:50am “Hesjing”, lift grass with a giant fork up on a fence to allow to hang to dry and become tasty hay for the animals in the winter.
12:00pm “Dugrun” olden days style lunch together.
12:45pm Play outside like they used to do in the olden days; Jump down into the hay or see if you can catch a piglet!
15:00pm End of a fun filled and active day, the children will return by tractor ready for collection at the nearby mountain and SPA hotel Bøeseter (where the parents have been pampering themselves with outdoor jacuzzi SPA treatments and a lunch made of local and seasonal ingredients. Can a day get any better?

All to the cost of NOK 250 approc £28 per child, included a healthy lunch.
Parents Spa and naughty lunch is not included…

6 thoughts on “Experience life at a traditional Norwegian Summer Mountain Farm

  1. Sounds heavenly! We’ve just come back from a similar holiday in Austria – staying on a farm halfway up an alpine mountain, milking by hand, making the day’s butter, looking after chickens and feeding the pig, our kids playing with the farmer’s grandchildren and vanishing for hours on end, etc.
    I used to go there when I was young with my brother and parents, who came this time too, making it three generations……The kids are nut brown and furious to be back in London!
    I bet you’ll have a brilliant time. Looking forward to seeing more of your arty photos. 🙂

  2. Oh my, my daughter would probably have fun at this place. Definitely a fun filled activity day guaranteed to make the kids sleep by 7pm. Max! lol. Happy vacationing!

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