Magical Sankt Hans

Midsummer celebration with CTH Mini

The celebration of Midsummer Eve or Sankt Hans was from ancient times linked to the summer solstice and was supposedly a night of magic.
It varies from country to country when it’s celebrated. The Danish and Norwegian celebration takes place on the evening of 23 June. The Swedish celebration used to be on the same day but are now moved to Friday Night between the 19 June and 26 June.
The best food for the occasion is a picnic as this is an outdoor celebration, preferably taking place by the sea or a lake. Many Scandinavian would also have a barbecue on this day.

In London there will be a traditional Danish midsummer celebration, with bonfire and singing in the garden on
Saturday 25 June 7pm at The Danish Church. This is a lovely family event with no need to bring anything as there will be food stalls selling delicious danish red hotdogs and refreshing drinks.

Happy magical Midsummer!

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