Bubble London’s main trends for SS12

Bubble London presented four main trends, or themes if you like, within children’s design and fashion for Spring Summer 2012.
Golden Days is all about bringing nostalgic memories back into life. Parent that grew up in the 1970′ can find back to their own childhood memories with outdoor play until dawn, picking flowers and climbing the trees, harvest fruit and berries, go camping and having birthday parties at home with pass the parcel.

The Golden Days is all about heritage, to pass anything from recipes and home ware to literature, films and music. Old classics are brought back to life, for us Scandinavians this is Pippi, Madicken, Emil and all the other colourful children’s characthers from Astrid Lindgren.

Another influential author and illustrator is Elsa Beskow, it’s easy to see her work in today’s children’s design and fashion.

This is the trend Little Scandinavian by far think is the most important. It’s about sustainability and recycling, it’s about acknowledging and appreciating our history and past and use our heritage as a reference and source of inspiration for our future.
But it’s not quite working without a dash of the other 3 trends, Surf Safari, Play by Numbers and Electric Dream.

© Photos by Little Scandinavian

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