New Brand Alert: FRANKIE & LIBERTY for tween girls

We are happy to introduce the coming tween fashion brand FRANKIE & LIBERTY, for girls 8-14y.
Danish children’s fashion company AYA NAYA is behind this new brand and they’ll be launching the tween brand shortly after they’ve launched the new fashion brand for boys only, called Tappa Nakki.
FRANKIE & LIBERTY’s collection will be a bit more edgy and cool design for the older girls that are still children.
We can’t wait to see the collection as we really think there is a gap in the marked for tween fashion. Little B is currently wearing a size 12y and as the child she still is I find it really hard to fill her wardrobe.
If the brands do styles up to 14y at all the shops seems reluctant to stock it. The result is that young tween girls are left with a very limited selection of apparel, which is a shame as they are about to enter the scary teens and would need all the support, happiness and confidence they can get.
The first FRANKIE & LIBERTY styles will reach the stores in October 2011. As always we’ll keep you posted -I’ll probably be the first one in the line to secure a few garments for my gorgeous little tween.
© Photo AYA NAYA girls SS11 by AYA NAYA

2 thoughts on “New Brand Alert: FRANKIE & LIBERTY for tween girls

  1. Really pretty! I agree with you, some of the tween fashion out there is so… hm, how to put it delicately.. skanky. lol. No other word to say it. I think they lump the tween with teens and it’s sad to see miniskirts with mesh, crop tops etc. So ugly with the wrong message that they send to young young girls to grow up fast and forget about childhood. This is really pretty!

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