Summer in Skandium

Looking to refresh your home after the big Spring clean or in search for the perfect wedding gift this Summer we recommend visiting Skandium in Marelybone. We visited Skandium last weekend in search for a wedding gift and had a browse through the store and enjoyed seeing all the design classics (in all prize ranges) in gorgeous daylight that they have managed to create in store.

Photos by Little Scandinavian

The new Summer series from iittala was hard to resist. I was thinking of buying the mug, but when that’s entered your home I’m sure the rest is to follow shortly! The girls also loved the wooden animals by Kaj Bojesen from Rosendahl.
We ended up leaving with a very nicely wrapped wedding gift and a few items for ourselves too…

Photo: Rosendahl wooden toys and iittala Taika tableware set at Skandium

2 thoughts on “Summer in Skandium

  1. Hi! Iittala is actually spelled i-i-t-t-a-l-a, just thought I’d correct in case anyone wants to google it or something.

    Thanks for an interesting blog! I follow it even though I live in Skandinavia myself 🙂

  2. You have such amazing shops there! There are so many items on the shelves I want to see closer.. thank goodness this shop isn’t close to me (or my wallet). : )

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