House of Kids got it right with 13.175 likes

We mentioned House of Kids already almost a year ago, with their brilliant understanding of Social Media. The danish online shop strikes us again with how they use Social Media for what it’s worth. Down to the smallest detail. Like uploading 3 perfect resized pictures with capturing colours and a clear message, that FB displays so it looks like a paid advert. Here’s a screen shot.

(Online lager salg means online outlet sale.)

House of Kids asks; press like if you want us to do a Facebook competition tomorrow. Within 12 hours 814 customers have pressed like.
They launch a poll by saying, press like on the SS11 news from Smafolk, and we’ll know what’s the most popular item. So far the bright, fun and gorgeous baby short bodysuits are both in the lead.

By pressing like on pictures and comments the 13.175 will tell all the friends they are connected with about House of Kids. Word by mouth, we say no more.
Of course it’s not only about social media. It’s about offering a great selection of kids fashion, have the sizes in stock, provide excellent customer services, fast shipping combined with a reassuring return policy. Only they do that too!

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