Home made decoration for Easter

Found this beautiful Easter decoration on at the lovely London based mummy blog londonmummy.typepad.com and couldn’t resist sharing it with you!

It’s so Scandinavian and less is more. And it can easily be personalised to your taste and style.

I can picture mine in a traditional “norgesglass”, with homemade painted eggs, yellow ribbons and chics. I’ll might add some so-called “goslings” («gåseunger» in Norwegian), plants associated with Easter and spring in Scandinavia.

All I’ll need now is a few branches and some white spray paint.

The girls have their last day at School today and both girls are bringing friends home for a playdate. I’ve promised that they can do Easter decoration. Paint, glitter, eggs and yellow tiny chicks are ready. Wish me luck -this will get messy.

Please visit London Mummy’s shop too, with lots of lovely brands including the “London Mummy Handmade Limited Edition” londonmummy.com

One thought on “Home made decoration for Easter

  1. Actually I’m also looking for a good home decoration that I can put on my living room to make it more attractive and I this east decoration really looks cute and attractive.

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