Only the best kids fashion in the world by one who knows

Blog of the week: Smudgetikka
About: Smudgetikka is a professional in children’s fashion who once worked with adults but finds the little ones so much more fun. With a vast array of experience to draw on Smudgetikka knows the best in the business and will bring you the hottest designer labels and the strongest trends in kidswear fashion right now.

Why we like: Smudgetikka knows what she’s talking about, always a head of the trends with a good eye for what’s next within Kids Style. She manages to find new brands starting up, present existing ones from a fresh perspective and rediscover old times favourites. Her inspiring daily posts, with a good eye for important details, guides us through the jungle of fashion. Stated as one of top 20 most inspirational kids fashion blogs by WGSN she presents labels from around the world, from newborn to teens. Only criteria -it needs to be fashionable. Pics shows NY label Kicokids coming Autumn Winter 2011 collection, presented by Smudgetikka.

Photo: Kicokids

I follow Smudgetikka on Twitter and I receive her daily newsletter by e-mail.
Highly recommended if you want to know what’s the latest in kids fashion.

The blog does not publish flash sales, give away’s and competitions. It does exactly what it says on the tin;
“Kids fashion by one who knows.”

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7 thoughts on “Only the best kids fashion in the world by one who knows

  1. Agree, Chantale! And are they not, BabyChangeBags!?! And the best thing -it’s up to 12 years so it fits both my girls! I agree with Smudgetikka -NY labels has something going at the moment!

  2. Can I triple like this post?? It’s an insider’s look to the kids fashion world and yes, it’s terrific! But not to worry, this blog is also wonderful!

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