Aya Naya launches new collection for boys, Tappa Nakki

Danish company Aya Naya have so far produced soft and colourful clothes exclusively for girls but due to demand they are now launching a collection for boys too, Tappa Nakki.
Tappa Nakki, launched for the first time at CIFF kids in February 2011, will be providing boys 4-12 years with high quality fashion with an attitude.
Tappa Nakki boyswear is all about details like old fashioned suspenders and elbow pads alongside classic shirts and waistcoats. Of course modern twist.
The clothes are made of natural materials with very soft brushed surfaces and insides.The color scheme of the collection is very toned down and simple with colors such as grey melange, dark olive, brown and dark blue.

Will be available in store August or September for Autumn Winter 2011. For more information, contact Aya Naya www.ayanaya.dk

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