Children’s shoes, fitting and buying online

Like many other parents we are looking into both renewing the school uniform shoes and also purchase spring and summer shoes, trainers and sandals for the coming season. A day off or half term is the perfect occasion, to measure your child’s feet and to have a look around for new shoes. We have previously talked about shoe fitting and we strongly believe this is something you can safely do at home.
Let the child stand bare feet on a A4 sheet of paper, draw around the foot with a pencil. Then repeat with the other foot. Measure the length and choose the longest measurement to determine the size and check it against a chart.
I use this children and adult shoe chart by Wikipedia to find a general size. However both the length and width of the shoe varies from brand to brand and also with different styles. The shop will be able to tell you if the style and brand will be suitable for a narrow, normal or wide foot and also give you the exact measurements of the inner length.

I always add 1.2-1.5 cm to the length of the foot to allow space for movement and growth. As both the quality and the fit is important I tend to buy the brands that I already know online.

Picture shows a pair of classic brown leather boots by Pom Pom Sko, Made from high quality soft leather and with lace-up fastening. Making this boot both kind to little feet and the choice for stylish kids, perfect for mild spring days and cool summer evenings and the neutral colour make them easy to combine with any outfit.

Do you buy shoes online, and do you have any good online shops for shoes you would like to recommend?

9 thoughts on “Children’s shoes, fitting and buying online

  1. Dear Mimi.
    Thank you for taking the time to share your experience. Asking for measurements and fit is a really good advice.

  2. Hi,
    I use exactly the same method as you do, but still ordered one size too small for my daughter just recently. Needless to say, I was a bit sad as it was the expensive French shoes, my daughter loved them. They actually just fitted but they will not last long. And of course she ran outside, so I cannot exchange them anymore. The lesson learned… Then I ordered the same brand but one size bigger shoes of different style and they were way too big! I am confused…
    I will still order kids shoes online (because usually I get the right size), I cannot resist cute shoes!
    But I think online shops selling shoes should have improved the shoe description like: wide/narrow model, perhaps the lenght of inner sole, or even have the possibility of sending the outline of a foot by e-mail to them, so they could check the size…I dont know…something!
    There, I feel better now. Just venting here I suppose.

  3. I’ll have to try your method. I go to the shops and usually am worn out by the end of it! I much prefer shopping online (if i have children in tow, at least). x

  4. Dear Dee. Love your blog, it’s so simple and inspirational. x

    Dear Chantale.
    Thanks for stopping by dear. A lot of the French and Italian brands fit a narrow foot? The expensive ones… 😉 x

    Dear Anke.
    Thank you for commenting! After having my children feet measured by a shoe fitter several times I do think that this is something most of us would be able to do at home.
    Only when buying shoes online make sure to check out return policy, just in case. 🙂

  5. I do a lot of shopping online especially for my children. But for shoes (except rubber boots and slippers) I go to the shop as I think its better to have a shop assistant to see if the shoes really fit. But maybe I should try your method as well.

  6. Wow, is this not early to renew school shoes? I haven’t yet found shoes online that I fit my kid’s feet. We really do need to see them and try them on as her feet are very slender. My hope is to find summer sandals that actually fit her feet. They mostly fall off while she walks or we have to punch holes into the straps ourselves to tighten them. This year, I will try to get her J.Crew’s Saltwater sandals. They look pretty skinny. : )

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