Gallery of memories for inspiration

This darling toddler is not me, but a dear friend, captured one lovely summer back in the early 80′.
I simply adore images like this, with fond memories, great (well, maybe not always) fashion and last but not least the quality of the photograph in itself.

We were wondering if you wanted to send us your picture, from a summer holiday with the family, first day at school or in the push chair or any occasion, but a picture of you that you treasure?
It would be lovely to do a gallery of you all, for us to enjoy and to be inspired by!

So it’s time to get your favourite picture down from the shelf or out of the drawer and scan it -if it’s not already digital, and send it to us.
All photographs can be sent by e-mail to by 1st of April.

I will display a gallery as soon as I have enough and then rather to more if you lovelies are all sending in your contributions. All qualities, b/w or colours will be much appreciated.

Looking forward to receiving your email!

3 thoughts on “Gallery of memories for inspiration

  1. That’s a fun idea! I have to dig deep to find something that people won’t be laughing at.. lol. Hope you’re having a terrific weekend!

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