Organic soft cotton by Gro Company

It all started with a drawing of a crooked-legged matchstick-man with spiky hair, by her husband drawn when he was 4 year old. Anette fell for the happy face, and immediately decided, that the matchstick-man should be her logo. Now, only a few later her clothes are sold all over the world and the collection proudly shows off its source with a small Danish flag sewn on to the garments.
I had the pleasure of meeting the Danish designer Anette Nordrup from GRO Company at CPH Kids. She’s a humble yet very professional designer that launches two beautiful and soft collections every year.

An old used button, some funny patch pockets in an old movie and every-day-life in general is what inspires Anette. It’s simple and clean lines but somehow with an almost delicate side to it that make GRO’s design totally unique. Although some of the details seem retro, the cut is combined, so that the expression is very modern.
Anette Nordrup carefully select her colours and styles so that the entire collection can be mixed and matched. The collection contains of clothes for babies: 0-2 years, boys: 2-10 years and girls: 2-14 years.
I’m loving the fact that Anette Nordrup has spotted the gap in the market for tween clothes and that she makes clothes for the girls up to 14 years. My lovely 9 year old already weraing size 11-12 will be able to be dressed as a child without looking childish in Sprout by Gro.

Photo: Gro Company

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