Lucky Boy Sunday a lot more than cool and stylish

The Danish design label Lucky Boy Sunday had a lovely but very busy stand at Bubble London this January.

Great design surprises, it’s interesting and probably most importantly with attention to detail. In this case it’s more functional than what you would expect as well! The pillows from Lucky Boy Sunday are all made with an intriguing design, that appeals to our curiosity. Knitted in alpaca wool and unbelievable soft.
When you actually hold one of these pillows in your hands you’ll realise that this is more than a pillow and a stylish design piece: It’s a teddy bear, a blanket, a doll and a soft pillow all in one! And you find yourself wondering if adults can have one as well whilst deciding on which one to choose for your children.

On my wish list is BON BON BLUE by Lucky Boy Sunday. Available in pink, brown or blue. It’s 62 cm long and knitted in 100% alpaca wool.

Amélie likes stacking up all her dolls and teddies in bed with her at night. So she might need more than one…

The stand was so busy, I passed several times without being able to get in. So it clearly got a lot of attention. Now, wonder if I can find a shop that is not sold out.

4 thoughts on “Lucky Boy Sunday a lot more than cool and stylish

  1. Our LBS is sitting on the sofa, no way to make his way into the kids room (well our living room is actually a kids room most of the time)…. because I just love to look at him… so beautiful and unique.
    I guess the new collection will not go pass me without buying a friend for him 🙂

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