23 of December, winners of baby set by Memini

The winners of 23 of December and a complete subtle luxury baby set by MeMini for one little lucky girl and boy is

Helene and Helen!

Congratulations! We have sent you an email! Will you please replay with your full name and address to us on:
post@littlescandinavian.com and one parcel filled with MeMini garments will be on it’s way to you!

About Memini
Memini by Kristine Vikse is a Norwegian designlabel, founded in 2006. The collections consists of high quality pieces inspired by Nordic nostalgi and traditions for newborns up to 10 year olds. The clothes are very well made, looks beautiful on but are also very comfortable and functional.
One of the most popular brands in Scandinavia, well liked by both adults and children.
See our other posts about Memini or visit memini.no
Memini is available in the UK in several independent stores like coolincloth.co.uk.

Contact MeMini’s UK agnt M & I Agencies for an updatet list of retailers or for any other queries.

About todays giveaways
Todays giveaways are for two lucky winners, a gorgeous set by the nostalgic luxury brand from Norway, Memini.

One beautiful 3 piece set for a baby girl by Memini consisting of
one ice rose basic body on 100% organic cotton, one soft courdrouy wrap dress with bow tigh and one matching cardi in lambwool. Size 68. Retail price Β£113.


One beautiful 3 piece set for a baby boy by Memini consisting of
one checked shirt in pale blue, one cabel knitted overall and matching knitted cardigan in lamwool. Size 68. Retail price Β£119.

See our other posts about MeMini or visit Memini.com to see the full collection.

34 thoughts on “23 of December, winners of baby set by Memini

  1. Wow I wouldn’t let my boy wear these at mealtimes for fear of ruining them but the set would make a great special occasion outfit.

  2. Oh so cute. My sister is actually expecting one of each (!), so I could go for either, but I’ll say girl since my littlest one could probably still get a few weeks wear out of it first. πŸ˜‰ (I’ll have to get her to enter herself for the boy).

  3. What a lovely collection from Memini, both my baby boy and little girl would look adorable in these outfits, but if I won I’d have to choose the set for my little girl please. Christmas wishes to all and God Bless.

  4. I love your blog. Have been reading it for a while now. I fell in love with scandinavian design!
    As for the set…the girls’ one.
    Merry Christmas!

  5. I would love to win the BABY GIRL SET because my mum is due for a baby in january and i would love to give this to the new baby girl πŸ™‚

  6. Baby boy set please, my little angel arrived 6 weeks early last week, so will need to put on a few lbs to fit into it as yet!

  7. Absolutely beautiful clothes! Would love to win the baby girl set! Fingers crossed – this time I might be lucky!

  8. Dear Santa.
    You have not given me anything in my caledar till now:( So I would please like to receive the complete baby set for my girl!
    Thank you in advance:)

  9. Beautiful! Looks like the perfect “going home” outfit. If I am the lucky winner I would like the baby boy set. πŸ™‚

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