The Scandinavian Christmas tree

It’s still tradition that the Scandinavians would wait until the very end before they find or buy their Christmas tree, bring it home and decorate it.
Except the Norwegian Christmas tree on Trafalgar Square in London that was already lit on the 2d of December, that is.
We usually go out on the 22nd of December all together, and carefully select our Christmas Tree. Then bring it home, let it adjust to room temperature and then decorate it after the children has gone to bed on the 23d. This is an annual event which is one of my favourite parts of our Christmas celebration; The Scandinavian Dad and me usually invite some close friends, enjoy some mulled wine and decorate the tree together.
When the children wakes up on the 24th, which is our big day, they will be greeted by the most glorious Christmas tree in the sitting room.

We recommend reading ‘Petters og Lottas Jul’ (Petter and Lotta’s Christmas) by Elsa Beskow to get a feel for the traditional Scandinavian Christmas and be inspired.

Photo: © Elsa Beskow

TheScandinavianDad and the LittleScandinavian are out today, sourcing the most beautiful tree in the forest. I’ll share some pictures in a few days when it’s warmed up and decorated.


  1. We have to get it today. As it needs to adjust to room temperature, slowly. We’ll decorate it on the evening on the 23.

  2. So you will go out today and get a tree!
    In Germany the tradition is to get and decorate the tree on the 24th.
    {guess lots of people buy the tree earlier to be sure to get a nice one}

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