Refreshing and unpretentious photo shoot by Tuss

Scandinavia is known for being trendsetting when it comes to fashion and design. I’ve noticed lately that press pictures and press material is produced in a whole new way. No posing and pretty smiles, more having fun and showcasing that the clothes in fact allows it, like earlier mentioned Swedish online shop, Oii Design.

But some takes it even a bit further. We received a press pack from the Swedish children’s fashion brand, Tuss, the other day. Tuss wanted us to know that they had found the ultimate simple solution to advertising for kids clothes: Let the kids do it!
The envelope we received contained a bright orange balloon (which Amélie ran off with…) and some Polaroids clearly not shot by an adult. It was more the sort of pictures you’ll get when your 3 year old ask if they too can take a picture. And it’s indeed interesting and fun to see the outcome. Some of the best pictures we have are shot by our kids. It’s the angel and the real situations they capture so well.
Oh, and the envelope also contained a DVD. Of happy kids playing in their functional clothes and being very unpretentious.
See the video here:

We really found that Tuss managed to make a clear statement here, functional and comfortable yet trendy and well dressed!

What do you think of this new advertising concept?

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