Nordic Clemente Copenhagen felt slippers

Clemente is a Danish company that designs and produces handmade felt shoes for baby, children and adults of 100% wool from Norway. The combination of design and quality of the wool makes these warming slippers special and unique.
The slippers is available in a variety of styles and colours in only organic material, European sizes 15 to 48.

Felting is an ancient craft, being the oldest man made fabric and has a sustained heritage. There is a strong Nordic tradition of felted boots, socks, hats, and mittens. Through the Viking influence in the British Isles with years of trade, conquer and plunder there is evidence of similar felted items such as carpets, saddle blankets, clothing, and artwork.
The term felting refers to taking an animal fiber (most often wool), shaping it in some way, then, through a process of very hot water and agitation, converting it into a tightly cohesive fabric.

We use felt slippers at home and it’s nothing that’s more comfortable to wear during the winter months.

Photo: BĂ„nsull Drammen

2 thoughts on “Nordic Clemente Copenhagen felt slippers

  1. I bought a pair of Clemente slippers when I was vacationing in Copenhagen last Christmas. They are fabulously comfortable and warm without being hot or making my feet sweaty! Perfection…

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