Janus wool underwear

Norwegian company Janus was established way back, in 1895, and is now one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of underwear. Janus is located in Espeland outside the beautiful town of Bergen.

Janus produces underwear and socks for children and adults. Janus is best known for its itch-free woollen garments, but the company’s quality cotton underwear is also very popular.

For parents in Norway Janus wool is a natural choice when purchasing your child’s winter warderobe.
The girls are actually wearing Janus wool with lace edging underwear as we speak.


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  1. I visited the Janus Factory in Norway with our guide Linda Spencer. The CEO and Director were very generous with their time and gave us a delicious lunch, piano tunes and a porwer point presentation. We had a tour of the factory. It was most impressive. I have one regret. I wish I had bought more tights and underwear. I had no idea how much I would wear them. Is there any way for me to order more products from the United States? Or do I have to wait until Janus sells in my country? Visiting the factory was one of the highlights of my trip. I found the workihng conditions most humane with child care and schooling on the premises. The clothing made there are beautifully constructed and very attractive.
    Thank you for a memorable visit.
    Ruth Merryman

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