Blafre design in UK

The Norwegian family run design company Blafre has since 2005 produced retro stationery.
Recently they extended their product range to include super cute and very 70′ thermos flasks, drinking bottles and tin lunch boxes all made from recycled stainless steel.

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The pictures shows the Squirrel Thermos Flask 350 ml, perfect size for kids. Stainless steel with a plastic cup. Price £ 21.

This thermos flask is perfect when you want to bring a hot drink your child can enjoy outside, either if you are on a walk in the countryside or if you are at ice rink in the city!

Available online in UK at Olive loves Alfie, a children’s boutique in Stoke Newington, London.

Oh, how I wished the girls School would consider allowing something else than only water in the drink bottles for lunch, especially on a wet and grey day like this! Healthy, cold and miserable or unhealthy, warm and happy… You choose!

Photo: Blafre

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