shak-shuka stylish eco boutique for baby, child and mama

Shak-Shuka is an exclusively eco-friendly online boutique, with their unique selection of eco-friendly goodies for babies, children up to 6 and their mums. Finding the best in handmade by both large and small family-run companies, Shak-Shuka ensures that each products conforms to their ethos of using only sustainable, ethical, and eco-friendly materials. From handmade wooden toys sealed with organic oils for teething to Oeko-tex certified messenger bags for kids on the go, Shak-Shuka has the whole family covered, and making sure the environment isn’t harmed in the process.

Visit and see their extensive selection of clothes from Mini Rodini, Speesees, Lille Barn, Shampoodle, Popupshop and many more!

Photo: SS10 by Mini Rodini

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