Sale Alert: Sparkle & Spin offers 50% off

50% off selected items for just one more week!
Visit and grab those bargains before it’s too late.

Sparkle & Spin has now closed it’s door for a summer break, reopening again early September. However Sparkle & Spin online is live and well and will be working throughout the Summer.

Picture shows Holly’s surfboard print short sleeved T-shirt is -perfect for those sunny days at the beach.

Was £15.00 now £7.50

One thought on “Sale Alert: Sparkle & Spin offers 50% off

  1. So I started redinag Twilight last week because of all of the hoopla, and very fortunately for me, I came across a link to your journal shortly thereafter. I probably wouldn’t have kept redinag the books if not for your awesome commentary, reminding me that there is still sanity in the world. I won’t deny that I’ve been entertained at times by the series (I read a lot of Sweet Valley High as a kid, so I’m blaming that)…but this helps, so very much. Thank you.Also, right before the whole Bella pregnancy thing, I just assumed she was becoming a vampire. But in some mystical, sexual way that’s vastly different from how vampires are traditionally created so no one thought to take precautions. Like maybe Edward had inadvertently introduced some other kind of ‘venom’ to her bloodstream. But then that makes me imagine frosty, cold, slushy ejaculate…I’m going to have a giggle fit the next time I go to 7 Eleven, I just know it. :

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