To the beach!

Let’s face it; kids love the beach! The combination of sand and water will make sure that whatever they are wearing will stand its test. Luckily it’s not hard to find children’s swimsuits up to the challenge, and there are many great swimwear options available this season.

Swimwear should be well fitted, comfortable and something they’ll enjoy wearing. Children’s swimsuits available are equally as cool as those available for grown ups – in fact, some of them should be sold in larger sizes! The bold printed swim trunks for boys are paired with colourful tees are ideal beach wear. A great range of bucket sunhats, towelling robes and hooded cotton cover up’s provide essential sun protection.
Little girls have plenty of choice when it comes to their summer swimwear. Lots of one-piece swimsuits with cute ruffled skirts, tankinis and two-piece suits are always popular. Some of the new funky stuff for girls is clearly retro inspired, some is more sweet and colourful. Colored flip flops adorned with fish, flowers and shells are great for protecting little feet from hot sand.

Practicality has also been integrated into children’s swimsuits which can make life that little bit easier. Swimsuits with built in flotation devices can help kids with those first phases of learning to swim, perfect for a toddler. For the youngest ones choose a swim nappy and wear it with a t-shirt, sunhat and armbands.

UV sun protection swimwear like UV sunhats, UV swim shirts, shorts, and swimming costumes for children, toddlers and babies are increasingly popular. UV block swimwear save your children’s skin and saves you from worrying too much as it offers complete sun protection and are perfect for swimming and snorkeling and other water based activities.
Most importantly kids should wear sun screen that provides high factor with a broad spectrum protection against both UVB and UVA rays whilst playing in the sun. Skin burn has never been in fashion!

Fingers crossed for a sunny and warm summer!

Photo: SS10 by Miniature

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