Rosemunde Copenhagen for tween girls

I’m so exited about discovering danish label Rosemunde! They have a gorgeous collection for girls age 6 to 14 years that are in be(tween), not a little child and not yet ready for the more grown up youth and adult collections.

Rosemunde was founded in 2004. They are one of few brands to fill this gap in the market and with four lovely collections a year for girls and women they areĀ  represented in more than 700 stores worldwide.

Rosemunde is driven by a creative and innovative spirit and with a focus on the individual designs comfortable styles to be worn everyday -For an everyday luxury feeling.

We have been unpacking spring and summer clothes today. And Beatrice was a bit sad to discover that she had grown out of most of her last years summer favourites.
We had a look at Rosemunde online together and it seemed to cheer her up.

Visit Rosemunde online to have a look for yourself.
And please let me know if you happen to know any UK shop that stock Rosemunde girls.

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