Let it rain!

CeLaVi, founded in Denmark in 1963, wants to give children the joy of playing outdoors regardless of the weather conditions. They work in harmony with nature and with respect for the environment. The boots are made of natural rubber and keep small feet dry and warm on cold and rainy days.
The rain boots are made of natural rubber and are 100% waterproof. They contain no dangerous substances such as nickel, heavy metals or phthalates.
A unique fit and springy sole make CeLaVi’s wellies some of the most comfortable available. Bright and happy colours as well as simple motifs will definitely appeal to our little ones.
-Let it rain!

Pirate of the puddle or It’s raining elephants. Available from in sizes 22 to 26, €26 at Nordinary.fr

Photo: CeLaVi

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