Moods of Norway for children?

Moods of Norway is combining a strong Norwegian heritage with International trends, and intend to tell the exotic Norwegian tale through inspired and cutting edge designs.
Both the Scandinavian Dad and myself have Moods of Norway in our wardrobe.
I’ve heard rumors that they do children’s clothing too, but have never seen it. However, I came across this picture on Facebook today, clearly showing Moods of Norway children’s clothing! The picture is from their concept store in Stryn, Norway.

I’ll be looking out for more information and pictures of this funky and glamorous Norwegian fashion brand!

Photo: Moods of Norway, Facebook

4 thoughts on “Moods of Norway for children?

  1. Hihi…am I glad we have our cabin pretty close to Stryn!!!!!!!!!! Better go and check this out soon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:)
    Moods puts a smile on our face,doesn´t they???

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